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Hiatus: Vacation~!



Yep, it means one thing. . SCHOOL’S OUT!

Currently, we’re in a hiatus. But I think we’ll still post a new dance cover around late December (that’s tentative). We’re planning on doing Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! (キス! キス! キス!)but in my opinion, we should do Renai Rider (恋愛♥ライダー) first. It’s because, we already rehearsed for it since last year, and we’re so busy this season, so I think we should do the easiest (for us). If we do Kiss! Kiss! KIss! first, it will take too much of our time.

After we do Renai Rider, we’re planning to do Bravo! Bravo!, Buono!’s newest single after the official dance shot is released.

So for now, Kanna’s lazily memorizing the lyrics written on her notebook.


Bravo! Bravo! lyrics in Kanna's notebook

Bravo! Bravo! lyrics in Kanna's notebook




Honto no Jibun Dance Cover!


yay~! we already finished taping our dance cover for Honto no Jibun ホントのじぶん (My Real Self)~!

it was so tiring, and we have to dress up, and everything, prepare the camera, the props (for our official PV). But overall, it was okay, and we really tried to perfect the dance, but somehow, we’re a little off sometimes.

(Kanna: The PV’s much better) /(^.~)

Here’s the vid. .




Photoshoot~! 私たちの写真愛!!!


We had our photoshoot at Kanna’s room and it was a success~! Haha, the picture quality was a little off, but at least we enjoyed it. We had trouble finding clothes and now, we learned it should be our first priority.

うんざりする. . .

We had some props to go with our pictures and enjoyed taking the pics. Here’s some of the photos. . .




Yana-chan in ギター

Kanna-chan in バイオリン

Momo-chan in 床

Group picture~!