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Bravo! Bravo! photoshoot

with the exams finished, we also finished filming our PV and dance shots (both Idol version and Rock version) of Bravo! Bravo! by Buono!

whew, we did it half day, and we’re soooo exhausted, glad Manager R is always with us! Than youu so much, Manager R!

Here are our pictures (Rock Version only)




And the best pictures with our names on…



happy new year!

Happy New Year everyone~~~

Kira~Kirei’s back to school again, and we have posted our PV for Honto no Jibun just recently. Hope you’ll enjoy it, and thanks for the watch.

here it is…


Thanks for all the subscribers and who invited us to be their friend and in their groups in YouTube.

Arigatou gozaimasu!


Kanna-chan ~ ~