Group Name: KIRA~KIREI!

Hiragana: きら~きれい!


  • Kanna (as Natsuyaki Miyabi 夏焼 雅)
  • Yana (as Suzuki Airi 鈴木 愛理)
  • Momo (as Tsugunaga Momoko 嗣永 桃子)


  • part-time dancers and singers of Jpop, part-time high school students


  • Kanna- playing the guitar and piano, collecting accessories and blouses, collecting things with fur, blue black and pink, shopping, writing her own novels, reading and drawing \(^o^)/
  • Yana- playing the guitar, collecting things colored red, exploring with computer programs, stalking Koike Teppei
  • Momo- playing drums, drawing manga, stalking Momoko Tsugunaga

Yana (left), Kanna (center) and Momo (right)

Visit for our facebook account:

Name: Kira Kirei

and our Youtube Channel here.


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